Your personality, personal style, and goals make your practice unique. I design my protocol for the evaluation specifically for your practice to make our time together the most successful for you. Here is what you can expect:

In-Depth Interview

Prior to my coming onsite, you and I will discuss your perspective of your practice and identify the primary challenges you face. This provides me an overview of your practice and allows us to define your objectives. Together we will determine how you will measure whether we’ve been successful in moving toward your goals six months or a year from now.

Financial Analysis

Also prior to my visit, I will review the financial information regarding your practice, including financial statements, fee schedules, key practice indicators, and other data.

The Onsite Visit

For two or three days at your facility, while you are seeing your clients, I will evaluate all the various aspects of your practice. These areas include (but are not limited to) front-office operations, interior and exterior of the facility, inventory control, client relations, fees, personnel management, efficiency of operations systems, partner and associate relations, and quality of life for owners and staff. I recommend that you book yourself moderately during these days so that there is enough activity to allow for accurate evaluation but not so much that you are unavailable for questions.

Through observations and interviews with staff members, I will get a sense of the “culture” or atmosphere: Is this a good place to work? To own? To visit? To bring your pet? How do your leadership qualities contribute to this culture?

You and I will plan to meet at lunch and dinner during these days to discuss my findings as the evaluation is taking place. We will collaborate to begin turning findings into recommendations. I will help you set attainable goals, and will encourage and motivate you to achieve them.

Finally, a meeting with all your staff will help bring them on board with your plan of action and encourage a sense of teamwork and morale.

Written Report

I will summarize both my evaluation and recommendations in a detailed report sent to you after my visit.


Other Services Available

Follow-Up Consultation

After the evaluation, many of my clients benefit from ongoing consulting by phone as they implement the new strategies.  This helps with accountability, organization, motivation, and integration.

Practice Valuation

Additionally, if you are interested in determining the value of your practice, this service is available.